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We provide Digital and Affiliate Marketing services for individuals and Local Businesses. Please check out our services below.

Digital & Affiliate Marketing

  • ¬†Affiliate Marketing
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  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Web Design & Development
  • E-commerce Web Development
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  • Video Creation


Destiny Fortunes is an online marketing platform set up to help people fulfil their financial dreams. Financial fortunes or wealth only become a reality for people who are ready to work hard and apply themselves to certain principles. On this platform, you will enjoy reading my product reviews and recommendations as well as other contents and blogs on marketing, local business support and self development education. I believe there is so much resources here for anyone who is ready to create their financial dreams.

Worlds of innovation

Creativity is the tool of invention and innovation. Destiny fortunes is out to showcase creativity in all the marketing contents promoted in the platform. 

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Time is money

Destiny fortunes is dedicated to promoting products and services that will help individuals convert their time to money. Anyone can learn how to convert their time to financial fortunes.