Amazon Associate Program

Amazon Reputation & Influence

Amazon Associates is the largest and the most popular affiliate network in the world with more than 1 million sellers and registered affiliates. Amazon is a well-known and reputable brand which makes their affiliates an equally renowned, powerful, reliable and beginner-friendly platform.

Product & Partners Network

With more than 1.5 million sellers on the Amazon platform, it gives the opportunity to partner with and promotes over a million products. It also offers the easiest user experience from getting registered as an affiliate to getting paid. The process of getting approved on the network is also very quick as it’s directly from Amazon and not from the merchants. Its easy-to-use technology allows even beginners to easily join the affiliate marketing network and join the Amazon Associate programs. For more experienced marketers, the platform provides advanced tools to create custom websites and advanced implementation.

Countless Opportunities

The biggest advantage of the Associate program is the access to countless products, the ability to choose your niche and generate sale through Amazon affiliate links. It also provides extended benefits and helps you earn commission for other products that people buy following your affiliate link. It has the best sales funnel that no one can compete with, and as a marketer, it is the biggest tool to capitalise on. The one major drawback of the Amazon Associate program is its low sales commissions, and since all the products on Amazon are physical items, recurring sales and income are difficult to generate.


  • It is a popular and worldwide trusted brand
  • It offers exceptional user experience from registration to getting payments
  • A huge network of partners with all types of retailers giving a wide selection of niche
  • It offers many ad options
  • Extended link benefits still let you earn commission
  • Amazon offers 90 days in Cart to make the purchase and send reminder emails to customers helping you to sell


  • Low commission rates mean smaller pay-out that start at 4%
  • The payment cycle can take as long as it takes more than 60 days to get the payment after the sale.
  • Amazon Affiliate program does not support PayPal

Amazon is the most powerful e-commerce network in the world. Amazon Associate program provides numerous opportunities for affiliates and with over a million merchants on the network an even better and more options to find the best niche and start earning. Amazon Associate is the most convenient affiliate marketing program, one that gives the advantage of making good earnings with the most powerful network.

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  1. Tracy cole

    This is a concise and informative blog post. You have thoroughly explained in details from different perspective for everyone digesting this post to understand the major points and tips shared in this article. I am just getting to know about  amazon associates program, and its obvious from your article that its pros outweighs its cons which makes it much more recommendable. Thanks for the eye opener 

  2. admin

    Thanks Tracy for your feedback, very much appreciated.

  3. Mark

    I’ve been an Amazon Affiliate before, but I kept getting kicked off the program. The main reason for this is that I just didn’t have enough traffic at the time to remain on it. I have more traffic now, but I’m still not sure if it’s enough for them. I’ll have to look into it further to be sure. In any case, I would like to jump in there again at some point and it’s good to see some more information about it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. admin

    Thanks Mark for reading my blog. Yes, there is no risk in trying again. Please do and enjoy all the great stuff on Amazon affiliate.

    All the best.

  5. Mattie K

    That’s awesome, is there a certain amount that you have to “sale” every month to stay active or stay on their affiliate list? Also, is there a limit on how much do you need to earn before you get paid? 
    I have been considering joining amazon associates, but I have been hesitant because I am not sure if my site is quite ready.

  6. Bolaji

    Hi Mattie,

    Thanks for reading my blog and providing some feed backs. I’m sorry for the late reply. 

    So far, i’m not aware of any sales target by Amazon for their affiliates in order for them to stay active neither do i know of any sales limit before you get paid. But, what i do know is they will accept you as an associate if you meet their criteria and you have good contents on your website. Having said that, there is no harm in trying and that is the only way to know.

    All the best. 

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