ClickBank Review 2019

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Brief Background

Clickbank is one of the oldest affiliate marketing programmes that has been around for over twenty years. They deal with digital products such as eBooks and marketing courses however, it has now expanded its products base and offers both digital and physical products. They have about the largest number of online retailers on its network and a huge library comprising of more than 6 million unique products.

What Does It Take To Be A ClickBank Affiliate Marketer?

There is no screening or approval required to join ClickBank as an affiliate marketer unlike some other platforms. They instantly give you access to millions of unique eBooks, online courses and digital information products as soon as you join. Clickbank also offers its affiliate an extensive knowledge base to help you get to know all about their affiliate program and start promoting products. Unlike other affiliate programs, earning on Clickbank is rather easy with the use of 2 weekly pay checks or weekly direct payment into affiliate account. It is an excellent platform for beginners and bloggers who work on a small niche.

What Opportunities Can You Tap From ClickBank?

ClickBank have loads of opportunities that everyone can tap from. They have amazing range of product categories in almost every sphere of life and covering very wide range of subjects. As an affiliate, you will have access to unlimited products, great education and training, offers in different languages for non-English language speakers and of course there is all the support for you in case you are stock. The opportunities are just countless!

In a nutshell, below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using ClickBank:


  • Easy to join and no approval needed
  • A huge library offering different products to promote
  • Big commissions with weekly pay-out and different pay-out options
  • Payments are always made on time


  • The generous refund policy improves conversions but can also eat up the income
  • The competition is intense with other affiliates selling the same products
  • The quality of digital products may not be up to the mark
  • Physical products are limited
  • Initial payment is by check only and is made through other pay-out methods only after a minimum number of sales are met

Final Thoughts

Clickbank is one of the oldest affiliate programmes available online and it provides an easy platform for newbies to start marketing as an affiliate. The program offers many benefits for their affiliates and vendors. Although, the fact that there are huge amounts of products and information on the site to digest may be a drawback for some people, but with patience, persistence and good judgment, you can build a steady stream of income and commissions on ClickBank.

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