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You have heard before that people like bloggers and affiliates earn money from the internet. But what you probably may never thought about is Google AdSense.

If you also want to make money through this amazing tool from Google read this article. I have tried to cover all the main points in this guide to help you make money with Google AdSense.

What is Google Ad-Sense?

Google AdSense is a cost-free program that provides advertising services to website owners, publishers or bloggers through which they can earn money by posting ads on their websites.

How Does Google AdSense Work?

The website owners put Google Ads on their websites, and whenever people click on these ads the publisher (website owner) will get paid some amount of it. The publisher will get 68% of the revenue of clicks while Google Ad-Sense will get the remaining 32% of it. Is it not amazing?

You can earn through Google Ad-Sense in different ways like CPM (Cost per Mile), CPA (Cost per Action), CTR (Click-through Rate), or CPC (Cost per Click).

How Will YOU Work?

You need to keep some rules in mind if you want to earn through Google AdSense:

  • Do not ask anybody to click your Ads
  • Do not click accidentally on your Google Ads
  • Your website or blog must be responsive and mobile friendly
  • Drive more organic traffic to your website for quality clicks
  • Do not avoid any emails sent by Google AdSense

How to Create AdSense Account?

To create an AdSense account is too easy; just follow these steps:

  • Go to the link
  • Sign up to create an account
  • Add your website link and email address
  • Enter your contact details
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions of AdSense
  • Finally, click on Create Account

Your Google AdSense account will be created.

How to Get an Approved AdSense Account?

Not every website can be approved by Google AdSense; there are some requirements which are as follows:

  • Create a high-level domain
  • Mention your correct contact information
  • Post 20-30 interesting posts or blogs
  • Features should be clear and appealing
  • Create content plagiarism-free without having copyright issues
  • Design a logo for your website
  • You should not have any other ads posted at the time when you apply for the approval of AdSense account
  • Link your website with social media accounts.

These tips will help you for the approval of Google AdSense account to earn money online.

How Can You Earn Money On Google Ads?

  • The position of the ad must be above the fold
  • Create compelling content
  • Use keywords that drive more traffic
  • Use fonts same as Google AdSense
  • Colour the link blue as it is the standard colour for links
  • Upgrade your CTR (Click-through Rate)
  • Boost up your page ranking

These tips will help you to earn money easily and quickly.

My Final Thought

The process of earning might be quick as well as time-consuming; it depends on your skills. You need to be calm and patient. Just follow every step outlined by AdSense wisely, and gradually you will learn how to earn money with Google AdSense.

Thank you very much for reading my blog. Kindly leave a comment or question below and i will respond to you in good time.

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  1. Lerakinz

    This is so informative. i am a newbie at online marketing and just recently got approved by google ad-sense. So you just that that do not click accidentally on your ads. What are the consequences of making that mistake and will they cease working with your website?
    This article is very important for online marketers. Google has looked for a way for us to make money and it is working for others i am sure it can work for newbies like us too.

  2. RoDarrick

    Thank you for this insightful post on google AdSense. I am a blogger who is still getting introduced well into the world of blogging. My upliner had told me to study more on AdSense as it is a sure way to generate traffic to my website. I never really know how, what or where to get the AdSense done. I was clueless before coming across this post but thankfully I can get myself running with AdSense.

    also, I wish to inquire concerning the price required as I heard there is need to run paid ads.  I also got to know during my research that Google tends to block AdSense users anyhow without presenting tangible reason for their actions.

  3. Bolaji

    Thanks for reading my blog Darrick. I’m glad you found it informative and useful. 

    As per paid traffic, you really don’t need a paid traffic before you can run Adsense. I’m not sure I understand your last question or comment that Google block Adsense users because I’ve not experience that or hear anyone say that to me. In any case, try give a go and see what happens.

  4. Bolaji

    Thanks Lerakinz for your feedback. I’m glad you found the article useful. Yea, it’s good for new comers in this business to know what Adsense is all about and understand how to use it appropriately to avoid any form of  penalty from Google. 

    All the best.

  5. Bolaji

    Thanks Rodolf for visiting my website and enjoying the write up on Google Adsence. I’m glad you found it useful, please do share with your friends. Sorry for a very late reply, i have been away for sometime but if you have any question, don’t hesitate to give me a shout here.

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